Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a service to migrate relational databases. It can migrate to and from any locations with network connectivity to AWS. DMS is compatible with a broad range of DB sources, including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Aurora, and SAP.

Data can be synced to most of the above engines, as well as Redshift, S3, and DynamoDB. You can also use the Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) to transform between different database engines as part of a migration.

With DMS at a high level, you provision a replication instance, define source and destination endpoints that point at source and target databases, and create a replication task. DMS handles the rest, and you can continue using your database while the process runs. DMS is useful in a number of common scenarios:

  • Scaling database resources up or down without downtime
  • Migrating databases from on-premises to AWS, from AWS to on-premises, or to/from other cloud platforms.
  • Moving data between different DB engines, including schema conversion
  • Partial/subset data migration
  • Migration with little to no admin overhead, as a service