Creating Custom Container Images with Podman

One method of creating container images has been covered so far: create a container, modify it to meet the requirements of the application to run in it, and then commit the changes to an image. This option, although straightforward, is only suitable for using or testing very specific changes. It does not follow best software practices, like maintainability, automation of building, and repeatability.
Dockerfiles are another option for creating container images, addressing these limitations. Dockerfiles are easy to share, version control, reuse, and extend.

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Managing Container Images with Podman

Image registries are services offering container images to download. They allow image creators and maintainers to store and distribute container images to public or private audiences. Podman searches for and downloads container images from public and private registries. Red Hat Container Catalog is the public image registry managed by Red Hat. It hosts a large set of container images, including those provided by major open source projects, such as Apache, MySQL, and Jenkins.

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Managing Containers with Podman

Containers, images, and image registries need to be able to interact with each other. For example, you need to be able to build images and put them into image registries. You also need to be able to retrieve an image from the image registry and build a container from that image. Podman is an open source tool for managing containers and container images and interacting with
image registries.

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