AWS Biling and Organizations

Pay your AWS bill, monitor usage, and set budgets


  • Centrally manage billing; control access, compliance, and security; and share resources across multiple AWS accounts
  • Group accounts together under a master or payer account
    • Initially low limit on number of linked accounts
    • Contact AWS Support to increase the limit
  • Volume discounts (data tiers) and shared resources (Reserved Instances)


Cost and Usage Report

AWS Cost and Usage reports provide access to detailed data, enabling you to better analyze and understand your AWS costs as well as the specific product offerings and usage amounts underlying those costs. You can customize the content and delivery of your reports and manage them from the reports dashboard.

  • Creates detailed reports and stores them in S3
  • Takes up to 24 hours on first load
  • Updates happen at least once a day



AWS Budgets lets you quickly create custom budgets that will automatically alert you when your AWS costs or usage exceed, or are forecasted to exceed the thresholds you set

  • Uses Cost Explorer data to show budget status
  • Sort of a prediction of what the costs will be
  • Billing alarms (CloudWatch)
    • Set a billing alarm so a notification goes out when $X is spent


CloudWatch Metrics

  • Two dimensions
    • By service
    • Total estimated charge
  • The following metrics are available in CloudWatch for billing:
    • EstimatedCharges
    • ServiceName
    • LinkedAccount  (Consolidated billing only)
    • Currency (Change this in the My Account settings)