Network Bottlenecks

Potential Networking Issues

  • One of the primary network bottlenecks comes from EC2 instances
  • Potential causes for bottlenecks:
    • Instances are in different Availability Zones, regions, or continents
    • EC2 instance sizes (larger instances generally have better bandwidth performance)
    • Not using enhanced networking features
    • We can check network performance with iperf3
  • VPCs can use VPC peering to create a reliable connection:
    • No single point of failure for communication or bandwidth bottlenecks
    • Peer VPCs between regions to avoid traffic transiting the public Internet


Bandwidth Limitations on Your VPN to Your AWS VPC

  • Using a VPN to access our AWS VPC from our on-premises network means we have to communicate over the open Internet: Bandwidth, latency, consistency, and reliability issues
  • Use AWS Direct Connect