Cost Optimization

EC2 Reserved Instances

  • Save costs by purchasing  Reserved Instances (1- to 3-year reservation)
  • Pay all, in part, or nothing up front (more savings the more you pay up front)
  • Some instances can be sold for a fee on the Marketplace


Spot Instances

  • “Name your price” purchasing option (save up to 90%)
  • Can be interrupted, so plan accordingly (new pause feature for CS and M5)


Low Utilization

  • Set CloudWatch alarms to terminate underutilized instances
    • Example: 5% CPU utilization for 50 minutes
  • Find the right balance between availability and cost
    • Example: How much does 1 minute of downtime cost vs. the cost of eliminating that downtime?


Unused Load Balancers

  • Remove them


 EBS Volumes

  • EBS volumes cost money, even when not in use
  • Delete unused volumes; take a snapshot if you want to keep the data
    • Snapshot storage is cheaper
  • Provisioned IOPS cost more
    • Make sure you’re not provisioning more than necessary
  • Downsize volumes that aren’t anywhere near full capacity


Elastic IP Addresses

  • EIPs cost money when not in use — associate them
  • Having more than one EIP associated to an instance costs money
  • ElPs on stopped instances cost an hourly fee


Idle Amazon RDS DB Instances

  • Snapshot unused DB instances, and delete them (0 connections over time)