Ansible Galaxy

Ansible Galaxy is essentially a large public repository of Ansible roles. Roles ship with readmes detailing role use and available variables. Galaxy contains a large number of roles that are constantly evolving and increasing. Galaxy can use git allowing for other role sources such as GitHub.

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Ansible Roles

When dealing with extensive playbooks, it is easier to split the tasks into roles. This also helps in reusing the roles in the future. Roles are a collection of tasks, which can be moved from one playbook to another, can be run independently but only through a playbook file. In other words, roles are a feature of Ansible that facilitate reuse and further promote modularization of configuration.

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Ansible Playbooks

In comparison with ad-hoc commands, playbooks are used in complex scenarios, and they offer increased flexibility. Playbooks use YAML format, so there is not much syntax needed, but indentation must be respected. Ansible playbooks tend to be more of a configuration language than a programming language.

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